Hardcore Panorama (vrml 280kb)

Hardcore Panorama (Quicktime 2MB)

A panoramic view from the top of the Hardcore trail. The view is centered on Mammoth Mountain. Use the mouse to pan the picture and zoom buttons as desired.

The trail rating depends upon your adaptation to altitude (>10,000'). If you're adapted it's a B- and you'll probably do this in conjuction with Mountain View Trail. (Of course you've biked up from Mammoth Lakes). If this is your first day it's an A. The trail is an out (up) and back (down) doubletrack with a smoothness unique to Mammoth.

The downhill is unbeatable for speed and whoop-de-doos. Remember to pace yourself on the climb.


Mountain View Trail

Snapshots of the trail as we descend from the Minaret Summit trailhead to the Earthquake fault.
The trail is an easy B.

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